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Mustad Properties yet again takes its long history and area legacy forward and into the future

By 8. November 2020November 11th, 2020No Comments

For nearly 150 years the Mustad family has kept on fertilizing it’s deeply planted roots in the entry-port of Oslo at Lysaker.

The area has over the years transformed from heavy iron-related industry, via production of edibles to a an area where people live, work and enjoy their spare time. The area is surrounded by nature with the Lysaker river running from north to south and are closely connected with the main inroads to Oslo, as well as being Norway’s third largest connection hub. Here you will find both the headquarters of many of Norway’s largest and highest performing companies and Norway’s most profitable shopping mall.

However, being successful with long term property development and urban turn-arounds is not a game for people not on their toes – it requires sound and strong vision, long term commitment, continuous investments and not least – focus on moving with time, technology and innovation. The ambitious plan for the future development of the area is based on a holistic approach to customer experience.

In a large scale investment to make room for a full scale urbanization of the area, Mustad is committed to utilizing novel property technology to build smarter buildings and develop properties with abilities to care even more about people’s well being, energy spend and waste and not least – make life easier for all employees who work daily to ensure that everything works well.

Together with Vicotee – Mustad is now applying «ears», «noses», «finger tips» and «eyes» to further transform it’s buildings from mere walls and floors – to digital and «living» properties. The aim is to ensure that the quality of the air people breathe is great, the energy waste is reduced further at challenging spots and not least measure important metrics and actuals to improve target further.

As we know – buildings today are far superior to what was built 150 years ago, but that does not mean we can not or should not relentlessly put an effort into improve beyond the current status.

As they say at Mustad – «we’ve been here for 150 years, and will make sure we can stay for another 150.»

With Mustad, our sensors:

  • Measure and monitor indoor climate metrics like temperature and air humidity
  • Measure and monitor indoor air quality metrics like the quality of the air you breathe
  • Measure and monitor the exposure of pollutants like noise levels, light levels and air pressure anomalies
  • Measure and monitor indoor climate metrics and allows users to report back if things aren’t as they should be
  • Monitor technical metrics for infrastructure and technical rooms, like water leakage, heat spots, energy leakage etc


Satvir Singh Parmar

Master of Physics from Oslo University (Cand.Scient, Siv.Ing) Management Trainee at Orkla Senior Brand Manager at Orkla Brands Associate at McKinsey Independent RnD Strategy and Innovation Consultancy Vice President Innovation and Product Management at Eltek CEO Vicotee Keenly interested in industrial history, business crux, macro economics, development, a more sustainable world and a better way of being, living and acting.