Aurora – Indoor Environment Sensor

How is the indoor environment in your school room, board room, office space or house? Not just how hot or cold it is, not just how humid it is – but what is the real quality of the air your breathe, the light around you and the pressure you sit in.


(LoRa) (NBIoT) (Sigfox)
  • 6 sensor device – each sensor can be manually configured
  • Measure VOC (Volatile organic compounds
  • Measure temperature and humidity
  • Measure sound level
  • Measure barometric pressure
  • Measure ambient light
  • This sensor will tell you if the indoor environment is good or bad
  • Replaceable batteries (CR123)
  • Battery life > 3 years (depends on configuration)
  • Change sensor parameters wirelessly – from server or Aurora Config Gateway

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