The Ultra Wide Aurora Internet of Things Sensor platform

Vicotee’s IoT wireless sensor portfolio, called Aurora, supports virtually any sensor technology
(Lazer, GPS, vibration, sonar, magnets, temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2 etc.)
to solve literally any data fetching need out there as we make cities and societies smarter
(Water detection, indoor/outdoor climate, pollution, movement, tracking, soil humidity, flood prediction, light control, sound detection, motor condition monitoring etc.)

The platform is versatile and agnostic of any known wireless communication protocol, like LoRa, Sigfox, NBIoT and likes, and covers any known and available sensor technology. Each Aurora can be populated with up to 9 sensor technologies, so an Aurora sensor can be single-purpose or populated to be a multipurpose sensor.

Measuring Temperature and Humidity is the simplest measurements, and are default in all our Aurora variants.

Products are delivered in both IP44 and IP67 – at globally competitive prices.

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More detailed description on each individual product will come here soon.