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How Vicotee’s technology can help
you move fast forward

Identify your Pain Points > Use the right Technology > Deploy scalable Solutions

Smart Cities

Let the city serve you, guide you, care for you…

To measure whether a city is smart, is measuring how life has become easier - for everyone. Sensor up your buildings and infrastructure, fetch data real time - and feed valuable insights back to your inhabitants - so that life can become even smoother, more effective and with less time waste. This is the path towards smarter cities...

Smart Buildings

How do you make walls, windows and ceilings smart?
Just add eyes, ears, noses, sensing skin and a dash of intelligence…

Buildings are more than mere walls, floors and ceilings. At least they should be. Buildings should sense, see, hear, feel and thereby tell you how to optimize operational efficiency...

Smart Agriculture

Agriculture is up for yet another revolution

No matter how fast we develop and move forward, we cannot run away from the fundamental base for humanity. It is obvious to us that the next industrial revolution more than anything needs to be an agricultural revolution. More for less. Enough for all.

Smart Shipping

What can be done for taking the Industry in towards the machine age, can and should be done at seas.

Imagine the turn around we could provide your business if we could predict motor failure up to 6 months before it occurs. Live real time condition monitoring of equipment in operation is the holy grail of increased productivity and reduced cost - on land, but also at seas

Healthcare 4.0

Why go to the doctor, when the doctor can be with you – all the time?

Why struggle when there is no need to. Why not let the doctor login on you or your beloved ones and let technology tell the doctor when she should pay a visit. Fever needs no experts, blood pressure checks need no specialists, reduced lunge power can alert medical support. Sensor up your health and your home.

Industrial 4.0

Why walk around to check if machines are OK, when the machines can tell you themselves?

There are few manual checks that actually needs to be done manually. In the name of productivity and reduction of failures, sensor technology is a massive lever that is yet to be fully utilized...

Smart Logistics

Connect the world of goods – real time, remote, every centimeter, every second…

More connected than ever and closer than ever before - the chains of action have become incredibly inter-twined and complex. Small delays, few mistakes can quickly cause huge ripple effects for large parts of the global machinery. Tracking goods, sharing information, having masses of sensor devices being your distributed eyes, ears and "brain" is the lever for the next wave of the globalized world.

Smart Drainage & Flooding

Weather is going extreme, and we are not prepared to meet that – yet..

Temperature changes are increasing. More people are living more at less areas. Flooding is increasing, systems are under-dimensioned. Damages are rapidly increasing. Infrastructure is struggling to cope. Cost of maintenance is soaring, as more people needs to check more often to avoid small catastrophes. People won't change - but infrastructure can. Infrastructure can be given senses... sensorup!

Smart Air & Traffic

is it safe for my health to move about down town?

Counting vehicles, leading traffic and measuring pollution and air quality is an integral part of providing optimal health conditions for citizens of a city

Smart Soil & Land

What do we do when the ground under our feet is no longer under our feet..

Melting snow, rains and high running rivers are not alone the problem. When both weather intensity and frequency increases - soil loses it abilities and structure. Measuring water saturation can help predict floods, landslides and other large damages to society

Smart Utilities

Why react to failure when you can avoid it…