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What if your machines, gears, pumps and motors would tell you that they are not OK?

Now they can.

The industrial revolution was at large a revolution where we could reduce human labor. Machines could do heavy lifting, pumping, weaving and horses became redundant in moving goods. Outputs roared and we were able to produce more. Much more. However, inputs almost remained the same.

Add smartness and sensor up your equipment –  to produce just as much – or more – for less.

How to avoid costly shut downs for maintenance? How to remotely steer and fully automate machine parks?

Engineers have achieved major leaps in increasing productivity. A man of his machine knows exactly when it is time to oil gears, what input gives maximum output and how hard you can churn their equipment. However, such knowledge is hard to collect and share, and may be lost with the person.

As people, we have knowledge that should be fetched, collected, analyzed and then distributed – so that as many as possible can reach best practice. This way we can collectively utilize machine parks optimally. At minimum cost and waste levels.

Vicotee has condition monitoring sensors that can predict machine failures upto 6 months before it occurs.

What we don’t measure, we can’t improve. What we don’t collect, we cannot share. What we don’t synthesize – we cannot copy, paste or pollinate forward.

That is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors.
That is the real benefit of digitization.

And this is what will take us towards 4.0.

How Vicotee can smart up your machines

  • Rigorous vibration testing
  • Real time temperature control
  • Sound level checks
  • Humidity control
  • Leakage detection

Typical pain points we help solve

  • Machine failure prediction
  • Thermal anomalies
  • Irregular sounds
  • Where is the leak

Some Vicotee Aurora sensors and solutions that could help you

  • Aurora Condition Monitoring Sensor
  • Aurora Water Leakage Sensor
  • Aurora Indoor Environmental Sensor
  • Aurora Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Aurora Motion Sensor
  • Aurora Sound Sensor

Uses of our smart sensors

Humidity and  moisture detection

Does your equipment have the optimal operating environment?

Tank Control

Are the tanks full or not

Thermal Anomalies

When you know how it should be, you should be alerted when it isn’t

Condition Monitoring

Let the machines tell you when they’re not OK

Leakage detection

Where there shouldn’t be a leak, there shouldn’t be a leak.

Sound anomaly monitoring

The best employees can HEAR when something is wrong, so can sensors…

Building Control

Smart buildings are not a city-only thing.

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