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Today, more than ever we realize the value of society’s fundamentals – food, grains, crops and where we came from – agriculture.

During the last centuries and decades our world has changed at a dramatic pace, and feeding 7 billion people has increasingly become a challenge. New methods and new technologies have helped us follow the demand curve and make the supply chains follow ever-increasing demand.

However, overspending of water, fertilizers and power is depleting the soil and is not sustainable. To optimize resource spend, people and experts are working relentlessly to reduce waste and figure out novel ways of getting more output with less input. At Vicotee we hope these efforts never stop, in fact we are hoping that they increase in speed and effect. Because we know – what seemed like futuristic concepts before, is cost-effective and easily deployable technology available for everyone.

Not tomorrow. Today.


How can we minimize water spend? How can we reduce wasting fertilizers? How can we bring life back to the soil?

Knowledge that has been passed on between generations creates expert farmers that out-perform far better than the average. They know exactly how to optimally water their crops, what input gives maximum output. As people, we have knowledge that should be fetched, collected, analyzed and then shared – so that as many as possible can reach best practice. This way we can collectively utilize our common resources to the best for humanity. At minimum waste levels.

What we don’t measure, we can’t improve. What we don’t collect, we cannot share. What we don’t synthesize – we cannot copy, paste or pollinate forward.

This is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors. This is the real benefit of digitization.

And this is what will take us towards and beyond 4.0.

How Vicotee’s IoT sensors can help solve agricultural challenges

  • Water usage monitoring
  • Plants and crop growth rates
  • Temperature control and alerts
  • Soil analytics
  • Animal tracking
  • Pest and Insect control

Some of the Vicotee sensors recommended for agriculture

  • Aurora Water Level Sensor
  • Aurora Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Aurora Indoor environment sensor
  • Aurora Thermal Eye
  • Aurora GPS tracker

Uses of our smart sensors

Soil moisture control

by measuring moisture and water saturation in levels around the roots of your crop you can give them what they require. not too much. not too little.

Water spend optimization

when nature may provide rains and watering, you may want to drain the excess to avoid drowing your crops – and re-uce or lead the water to places where it grows rather than drowns.

Digital detection scarecrow

Although the nature also belongs to the animals, certain times we need to scare them away from our fields, to produce what we need to feed.

Animal tracking

When one sends out thousands of sheep or hundreds of cows to grass and eat, we want them all to come back home

Non-invasive silo surveillance

when you cannot enter the silo to measure, touch and feel, we have sensored up from the outside – “looking in”.

Compost production

Optimal environment optimizes the output from compost tanks. Real time measurements allows you to sleep better at night.

Growth rate, humidity, UV, air quality

Track over time what your crops have been exposed for, then you will know how healthy they have become.


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