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Does it really make sense to spend 2 hours a day to get to and from work, when half of your fuel goes to making the air unbreathable?

Millions of cars, billions of lungs. Hundred thousands of rush hours wasted.
It’s not sustainable, nor how we want the world to be tomorrow.

Measuring traffic and pollution gives us tangible insights to how we could run society just as productive, but with less harmful behavior.

At Vicotee we are building technology solution to help people change their behaviour, without reducing productivity. For instance can traffic patterns, smart routing and spreading movement of people within the roads capacity and not least pollution measurements be done easily. What seemed like futuristic concepts before, are easily deployable technology powered ways of doing things for the masses.

Not tomorrow. Today.

How can we improve the air we breathe by novel ways of behaving? how can we make city centers healthy again?

We have a tendency to just continue doing what we have always done. But we seem not to look for novel ways of doing things in a better way. At Vicotee we strongly think we should, because it is not that difficult. You need to measure today, to change for tomorrow.

What we don’t measure, we can’t improve. What we don’t collect, we cannot share. What we don’t synthesize – we cannot copy, paste or pollinate forward.

This is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors.
This is the real benefit of digitization.
And this is what will take us towards 4.0.

Typical pain points Vicotee could help solve

  • Prediction of smog and city center pollution
  • Is it safe to breathe down town today?
  • How can we reduce travel time to work?
  • How can we achieve scheduled commuting?
  • Which route is less congested today?
  • Should I rather work from home today?

These are some of the Vicotee sensors you could use

  • Vicotee Particle sensor
  • Vicotee Car Counting sensor
  • Vicotee Thermal eye
  • Vicotee Air Pressure sensor
  • Vicoete Temperature and Humidity sensor

Uses of our smart sensors

Air pollution monitoring

No, it is not recommended to go down town today

Traffic Monitoring

We suggest you don’t spend 3 hrs to work.

Smog alerts

The clouds will not embrace you today

Dear you

Tell us what info you’d like to have, and we’ll see how to fetch it