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Bringing buildings to life is the key to reduce resource waste – sensor up!

Buildings take care of us, and we should take care of them. What if we could bring life to a building so that it senses, sees, hears and feels when things are not at its best.

Heating while opening windows for a fresh cold breeze is wasting energy, just as it is to sit inside wearing a sweater because the air condition is running way too hard.

Protect your assets, so they can protect you.
Reduce wasting, because it doesn’t make sense.
Save cost and energy, because it is valuable.

How can we optimize indoor living while minimizing energy waste?

Detecting point temperatures, measuring sun light, movement detection and general air humidity are some simple measurements, among others, that provide an easy way to optimize how you run your buildings.

Additionally, there are many more things you should measure to provide people with optimal living or working conditions. What about sound level, organic compounds and CO2 in the air they breathe? Or water leakage in the basement or on the roof top?

Bring your buildings to life – by giving them senses – ears, noses, eyes and skin.

All powered by cost-effective Aurora Sensors from Vicotee.

How Vicotee’s product range can smart up your building

  • Measure temperature and humidity indoor and outdoor
  • Measure air pressure indoor and outdoor
  • Measure air quality (VOC)
  • Measure sound levels and ambient light
  • Detect leakages, moisture, snow levels and water flow in pipes
  • Detect movement in your facilities
  • Count people and utilization of space
  • Detect and count opening of doors

Typical pain points we help solve.

  • Optimizing power spend
  • Optimizing Indoor air quality
  • Turn off energy spend when no one is there
  • Analyze usage over time
  • Count people accurately
  • Maximize free energy from the sun

This is how you could smart up your building

Temperature control

Have multiple temperature points measured to provide the best indoor environment

Don’t be dry

Make sure the Air Humidity does not leave people dry and thirsty

Synchronize with the Sun

Too much sun inside is too much sun inside

Light control

If your people are working late nights, turn on the light for them.

How many people are inside your building

Your building should know how many people it is taking care of

Smart Dustbins

Is it about time someone came to empty the bins?

Space Utilization

Is someone lighting up for no one?

Check for water leakage sources

before people have to use umbrellas inside