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What makes a city smart?

– a City that makes life simpler, safer, better and more sustainable.

As we haste through daily life we may not be contemplating all the things that needs to be done to work in order for a city to function well. Lightings, sewages, garbage, water supply, road maintenance, power supply… these are all infrastructure areas that are up for a valuable technology revolution…

Why send people out searching for which sewage cross point that may be clogged, when the sewage could tell you itself?


Everything that needs to work in a city is done by someone, and the cost of unnecessary manual work  is carried by our taxes

Continuously chasing improvement levers, so that we can get more done for less to the benefit for an increasing number of people the cities has to serve, is our responsibility.

Problems that occur, flooding that happens and water pollution that we are not able to stop – can all be solved by using available solutions to smart up your city. With available sensor technology you can follow what you need to follow – real time.

For instance, wouldn’t you just love knowing which beach to go to today, which city areas to avoid and just know that the infrastructure has become an integral part of the neural system of the city you are a part of.

Things like these are not futuristic concepts anymore. It can be done today – so why don’t you smart up your city.

Here are some of the Aurora Sensors Smart City development projects are using

  • Aurora Sewage Sensor
  • Vicotee particle air pollution counter
  • Aurora People Counting Sensor
  • Aurora Water Level Sensor
  • Aurora Water Temperature Sensor

Typical pain points we solve

  • Will my lungs tolerate the air quality down town today?
  • Is it crowded at the beach, and how is the water?
  • Is it crowded in my favorite pub right now?
  • Will the sewage flood at next rainfall?
  • Did the dirty water leak out to the sea?

Uses of our smart sensors that could help your daily life

Bathing temperatures

Should I even bother putting on my swim suit today?

River and sea water level

How high is the water in the river today?

Air pollution alerts

If you care for your lungs, you don’t want to be going down town today

Flooding did some bad things

“Yesterday unfortunately we had a massive leak into the river”

Traffic alerts

The traffic is completely congested today, stay home if you can.

Smart undergrounds

Things are clogged and flooding underneath us

Temperature, humidity, UV, air quality

What is the local weather actually exactly where I am going?

Do you want a better city?

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