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Not many urban areas are built for extreme weather nor for rapid population growth

Urbanization and mega cities are rising at unprecedented speed. Often on the shoulders of what used to be villages and old towns. Infrastructure is struggling to cope with the increasing load that falls on to it.

Re-dimensioning infrastructure comes at extreme cost, if at all possible. There lies a major opportunity in utilizing what we have – in a smarter way.

By sensoring up and making dead infrastructure sense and tell, the load put on it can be handled in a better way

Draining systems and sewages are for a city what veins are for a body – if they get clogged, dramatic things happens and can start ripple effects that again reveal more weaknesses in cities’ invisible infrastructure.

By ensuring flow in tubes and pipes and early detection of clogging – huge  damage and ensuing cost can be avoided, and we can be better equipped to  handle and fend off changing weather and urbanization.

This is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors.
This is the real benefit of digitization.
And this is what will take us towards 4.0.

Typical pain points Vicotee can help solve

  • Flood prediction
  • Drainage systems clogging
  • River water levels
  • Sea water levels
  • Water saturation in soil
  • Pollution leakage detection
  • Snow levels up in the mountains

Typical Vicotee Sensors that could be used

  • Aurora Water Level
  • Aurora Capacitive sensor
  • Aurora Leakage sensor
  • Aurora Sonar Sensor
  • Aurora Water Saturation sensor

Uses of our smart sensors

Soil saturation control

by measuring moisture and water saturation in levels in the soil you can predict when water starts dripping into basements.

Pipe leakage control

When its too much for the underground pipes, you may not hear the pipe screaming. We can.

Smart Sewage systems

No one wants to check on the sewage system. Don’t. Let us.

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