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We are getting used to getting deliveries from across the globe to our door within a snap of our fingers

Tracking goods, sharing information, having masses of sensor devices being your distributed eyes, ears and “brain” is the lever for the next wave of the globalized world.

Not having one component in hand on time is enough to delay the building of a car. Not getting the right ingredient in house, can ruin your dinner party. In a world at roaring pace, mistakes like these have become less acceptable, because we rely on the logistical systems to “just fix it”. But none of it can be done without technology and sensors.

How do i get things just in time? how do I optimize filling of my truck? What is the optimal route for delivery?

If you know the uncertainties and the target – rest is only calculations and computing. To power that one needs live data, detailed tracking, real time monitoring so that the system readjusts and recalculates immediately.

What we don’t measure, we can’t improve.
What we don’t collect, we cannot share.
What we don’t synthesize – we cannot copy, paste or pollinate forward.

That is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors. That is the real benefit of digitization.

And this is what will take us towards and beyond 4.0.

Some pain points Vicotee’s product can help solve

  • Where is my truck?
  • Is my truck fully utilized?
  • Is the food cold chain intact?
  • Do I really need to travel back empty handed?
  • Is my warehouse partly idle?
  • Is the indoor environment of my warehouse as it should be?

Some typical Vicotee Sensors that are used within logistics

  • Aurora Temperature and Humidity
  • Aurora Thermal Eye
  • Aurora Water Detection
  • Aurora Lazer Sensor
  • Aurora Indoor Environment Sensor
  • Aurora Goods Tracker
  • Aurora Temp Probe Sensor

Uses of our smart sensors

Goods Exposure tracking

Was the package kept within its optimal environment in the warehouse?

Space Utilization

How much Air and Nothing are we transporting?

Movement detection

No, we don’t make burgers, but we can detect burglars

Warehouse Filling Rates

How many pallets of Gold did I have in aisle 37, row 17?

Fire and heat anomaly monitoring

Detect fire before the smoke detector

Compost production

Water and air temperature in Compost production

Goods ETA tracking

Will my goods reach on time?

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