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The back bone of our connected and globalized world, the maritime industry is up for a huge revolution

In a connected world we are utilizing each nations competitive advantage and transport and trade makes it possible. However, it comes at a cost – monetary machinery maintenance cost and environmental raging air and water pollution…

There lies a tremendous opportunity in reducing resource spend – people and experts are working relentlessly to reduce waste, save cost and figure out novel ways of getting more output for less input. At Vicotee we hope these efforts never stops, in fact we are hoping that they increase in speed and effect. Because we know what seemed like futuristic concepts before, are easily deployable technology powered ways of doing things for the masses.

Not tomorrow. Today.


Do I really need to service my equipment if everything is OK? Can I detect fire before it is too late? Can I reduce Food waste? Can I travel the seas using less power?

By activating you assets and equipment to tell you how it is performing and measuring the effects of it, you will be able to reduce unnecessary spend of energy, money and time.

What we don’t measure, we can’t improve. What we don’t collect, we cannot share. What we don’t synthesize – we cannot copy, paste or pollinate forward.

This is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors.
This is the real benefit of digitization.
And this is what will take us towards and beyond 4.0.

Some of Vicotee’s products that could smart up your ship

  • Aurora Condition Monitoring sensor
  • Aurora Vibration sensor
  • Aurora Thermal Eye
  • Aurora Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Aurora Movement sensor
  • Aurora Indoor Environment sensor

Some pain points Vicotee helps solve

  • Prediction of time to service equipment
  • Thermal early detection of fire
  • Real time tracking of food chains
  • Leakage detection and control
  • Moisture detection
  • Sound anomalies in engine room
  • Tracking of goods

Uses of our smart sensors

Condition Monitoring

Let the machines on board tell you itself when it needs you

Thermal Eye detection

You do know that when the smoke alarms, it is already too late?

Food chain control

Are you sure you have kept your food chain intact?

Tank control

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if things are full or not?