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What do we do when the soil under our feet is no longer solid ground?

With temperatures changing more than ever and extreme weather hits ground higher frequency and more fury than before – it has dramatic consequences for the ground we rely on.

This puts lives, buildings, houses and societies at risk. Changes we are experiencing, but we are not prepared for.

Flooding into houses can be predicted. Soil losing its strength can be measured. Land that is changing could be saved.

Did you know that just higher rivers alone does not make it flood into your basements. It is when the water saturation in the soil around your house has reached critical levels, you really should save your assets. Today societies don’t measure such data systematically. But we can.

This would of course help in reducing material damage and people’s suffering. Not to mention reduce insurance claims dramatically.

What we don’t measure, we can’t improve.
What we don’t collect, we cannot share.
What we don’t synthesize – we cannot copy, paste or pollinate forward.

This is the true power of data fetching with dedicated measurement sensors. This is the real benefit of digitization.

And this is what will take us towards the world 4.0.

Typical pain points Vicotee can help solve

  • Flood prediction
  • Saving assets before its too late
  • Predict and build defenses against weather
  • Predict landslides
  • Reduce building damages

Some of the Vicotee products that can be used

  • Aurora Leakage Sensor
  • Aurora Water Saturation sensor
  • Aurora Water Level Sensor
  • Aurora Sonar Sensor
  • Aurora Vibration sensor
  • Aurora Snow sensor

Uses of our smart sensors

Soil moisture control

Measure moisture and water saturation in the soil you are standing upon

Land Slide prediction

Most bad things tend to be signalling for a long time up front.

Water level alerts

When your garden is swimmable, it’s too late..

Dear Ground control

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