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During the last century we have made giant leaps in prolonging people’s lives. Today – we can do even more!

Through researching the workings of the body, its interaction to its environment and by collecting data and understanding how we can optimize living for a longest possible life.

Before – the best doctors were those with most experience, those with most data collected through their interactions with patients – in addition to the information they had gotten passed on from other practitioners.

However access to data was limited. Although the connected world helped spreading data, insight and understanding – access to data and spreading of solutions to mysteries – is still quite limited. It doesn’t have to be.

How can I know that the Air in my house is good or bad for me? How can my body stay connected to my doctor also during my good days, not only when I get sick?

Knowing the importance of fresh air does not help much, if one is stuck in a house that barely breathes. Calling an ambulance with chest pain is often too late, so why not let sensor technology predict that something might happen. The body does send signals long before.

Your health status is not only important to you and your loved ones – your data is valuable to the whole community and the whole world of people. What your doctor did to save your life here, may provide life saving insight for doctors far away. In a world where we collect more data, analyze it as a whole, crunch out the insights – AND share it broadly – we would be far better equipped to copy-paste fast and save more lives.

Prolonging lives and providing best possible environments for healthy living, is after all a collective global responsibility.

How can Aurora Devices help guard my health?

  • Is the air I breathe good enough for me?
  • Is the humidity too high for my lunges to thrive?
  • Is my sleeping pattern showing signals to be worried about?
  • Is my body temperature trying to say something?
  • Do I have abnormal irregularities in my pulse during sleep?
  • Did grandma fall today?

Some of the Vicotee sensors that are used within health care

  • Aurora Indoor Environment Sensor
  • Vicotee Fever Detection Scanner
  • Aurora Remote Pulse Monitor (TBR)
  • Aurora Movement Sensor
  • Aurora Fall Detection

Uses of our smart sensors

Don’t dry out your body

Don’t drink too much, don’t drink too little. Drink enough.

How well are you sleeping?

Monitor your sleeping pattern

Fever detection

Is your body giving signals you should take seriously?

Pulse Control

Register your pulse while sleeping without having probes on your body

Connected Health Care

A good health report a day, keeps the Doctor away

Fall detection

Let someone be alarmed if you fall and cannot stand up again

Silence alerts

when no life is detected, but there should be

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