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Vicotee Cloud and User interface

There is room for many Clouds on the Sky

At Vicotee we don’t believe in lock-ins.
We never enter discussions on “my cloud” versus “your cloud”. As no single person or organization is the same, nor are the solutions that solves our their needs.

Some customers have their own data lakes and presentation layers, others have partnered up with other terrific companies to make it for them, whilst yet others haven’t decided fully yet – how to structure their digitization and IoT Architecture.

We make our Wireless IoT sensors talk straight into your cloud if that is what you prefer, we make them send data into Vicotee Cloud and parse data packaged to wherever you need it … or we offer you to use Vicotee Cloud as your IoT cloud and user interface. Some customers even have their own clouds, alongside using the power of the Vicotee Cloud in parallel.

With that we are proving what is our mantra in the IoT and Digitization space:

“there is room for many Clouds in the Sky”

Reach out to learn more, to get a quick tour, or to ask if we could make
things exactly like you want it.

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Visual data

How do you like to read your data? Below are some ways our current customers get digital information of the analog world…