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Vicotee in partnership with Glitre.
Deploying sensors in critical power infrastructure

By 30. April 2020November 8th, 2020No Comments

Helping a Utility remote monitoring their infrastructure and bring their operations further towards a digitized future.

In a mutually beneficial partnership, Glitre and Vicotee is deploying its wireless IoT sensors in society’s critical power infrastructure.

Weather is changing, user patterns have moved dramatically and utilities have become more important than ever as the world is increasingly depending on electrical power infrastructure. Installations that earlier were safe now more often sees flooding as a real threat and risk has increased for power failure – which again creates huge problems for all of us.


Why solve problems if one can avoid them?

Installing sensors to monitor power stations, critical switch boxes, detecting leakage, thermal anomalies, vibration etc. is a cost-effective mean to sustain the goal of 0 down-time of the power grid, by predicting rather than reacting.

Vicotee has long experience in working with power infrastructures and are looking forward to see how our products and solutions can help Glitre to continue to be among the best-in-class utilities in Norway.

Glitre is one of the large regional full-stack utilities in Norway, producing 2,6 TWh power through its 13 hydro power plants, delivers power to 170 000 people in its domain and sells electricity across the country.

Satvir Singh Parmar

Master of Physics from Oslo University (Cand.Scient, Siv.Ing) Management Trainee at Orkla Senior Brand Manager at Orkla Brands Associate at McKinsey Independent RnD Strategy and Innovation Consultancy Vice President Innovation and Product Management at Eltek CEO Vicotee Keenly interested in industrial history, business crux, macro economics, development, a more sustainable world and a better way of being, living and acting.