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Vicotee sensor up Oda’s warehouse to monitor freezers and cold cabinets

By 9. January 2023No Comments

Disruptive temperature sensors help Oda store food under optimal conditions to maintain food safety and quality

Vicotee enters a partnership with Oda, Norway’s leading online grocery store, and sensors up their 18 500 square meters grocery warehouse at Liertoppen in Norway, to monitor temperature-sensitive foods.

Vicotee’s disruptive sensors systems combined with an intelligent data cloud enable Oda to efficiently monitor and analyze their cold cabinets and freezers to get accurate temperature readings and notifications of temperature changes. Maintaining temperatures is vital to store food under optimal conditions to remain fresh and safe for consumption.

Ensure food quality and safety

Kristin T. Woldsdal, Oda in Norway

– Our customers should always be confident that we deliver goods with the best quality, and that is why we have chosen to sensor up our warehouse with Vicotee’s wireless sensors, says Kristin Thornes Woldsdal, Managing Director for Oda in Norway.

– Their temperature sensors continuously monitor temperatures in our various warehouse zones, such as freezers and cold rooms, and give us immediate notice on temperature changes. Vicotee’s sensors help us better control and maintain food safety to ensure that all goods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, are stored under optimal conditions with the best quality for our customers, Woldsdal enhances.

New possibilities with temperature sensors

Vicotee’s sensors tracks the temperatures in real-time, ensuring that the products stored inside are kept at optimal temperatures at all times.

Leif Erik Havnen, CEO at Vicotee

– We are grateful that our technology is being recognized by Oda and we are now looking forward to further supporting them with monitoring and analyzing their warehouse temperatures, says Leif Erik Havnen, CEO at Vicotee.

Both too-high and too-low temperatures can be problematic when storing food. As unexpected scenarios like a mechanical breakdown or power failure can happen, a good system to monitor the temperature is critical to assure the quality of foods.

– Vicotee’s sensors solutions detect and measure cold and heat which allows us to accurately monitor and autonomously control temperatures, says Havnen.

– For customers like Oda, this opens new possibilities to efficiently monitor, analyze, report and log temperatures. Our solutions will help them gain better control, access to both historical and live data, as well as ensuring that their foods always are kept at optimal temperatures.

Key benefits

  • Easy to install and use
  • Comprehensive reports and alarm functionality
  • Better control to assure food quality and safety
  • Improved efficiency with accurate temperature readings
  • Access to sensor data to analyze and report on temperatures



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