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Taking the world beyond 4.0

We humans tend to talk a lot, we tend to imagine all the things we can do, and we are bothered by things that are suboptimized. We tend to think that a better future, simpler life and more productive and efficient society is a sci-fi future.

It isn’t.

Welcome to a more effective, sustainable and better functioning world.

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Our versatile IoT sensor portfolio

Not one technique can alone digitize your business, not one single platform can serve all your needs. Therefore we believe in embracing full stack assembly of the best components in the world, powered by our flexible OS and powerful Edge Computing sensor core.

We Support LoRa, NBIoT, Sigfox, Bluetooth LE, and many other radio protocols

Battery Powered and Pocket Size
Temperature and Humidity default in all sensors
Direct communication to core network, no gateways needed
The Versatile Aurora Lens
Sense Light, Sound, Air Quality, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity with one single device


9. January 2023

Vicotee sensor up Oda’s warehouse to monitor freezers and cold cabinets

Disruptive temperature sensors help Oda store food under optimal conditions to maintain food safety and quality Vicotee enters a partnership with Oda, Norway’s leading online grocery store, and sensors up…
4. November 2022

Vicotee installs indoor climate sensors at Hallermoen primary school in Drammen

Helps Hallermoen to to monitor and control their indoor air quality Hallermoen primary school, have chosen to sensor up their buildings with Vicotee’ s smart sensor technology to monitor and…
14. September 2022

Vicotee sensor up power cables
Secures deal with Lede – one of Norway’s largest power grid owners

Helps Lede to control how much power they can supply through their grids to achieve higher effective capacity Vicotee secures deal with Lede, one of Norway’s largest power grid owners,…
23. August 2022

Next Phase of Vicotee:
Leif Erik Havnen steps up as CEO

Leif Erik Havnen steps up as CEO to lead the journey to become a leading European supplier of sensor technology We’re happy to announce the appointment of Leif Erik Havnen…
8. November 2020

Mustad Properties yet again takes its long history and area legacy forward and into the future

For nearly 150 years the Mustad family has kept on fertilizing it’s deeply planted roots in the entry-port of Oslo at Lysaker. The area has over the years transformed from…
30. April 2020

Vicotee in partnership with Glitre.
Deploying sensors in critical power infrastructure

Helping a Utility remote monitoring their infrastructure and bring their operations further towards a digitized future. In a mutually beneficial partnership, Glitre and Vicotee is deploying its wireless IoT sensors…
4. April 2020

Thermal Eye, our fever detection device released earlier to defeat corona outbreaks

Dear all, in these urgent times - we have within 2 days put together a fever detection device demo - that could serve purpose in times of pandemic outbreaks. Initially…
4. April 2020

LoRa 2.4 – The Things Conference 2020

Indulge yourself with this key note from The Things Conference 2020 - about LoRa 2.4 of the seas and the massive digitalization and productivity improvement lever that represents. Thrilled to…
4. April 2020

Drammen, Norway – To become the Smartest City in the World

Digital Transformation of Drammen in Norway into the Smartest City in the World.